Top 3 Ways to Share Your Survey Online

Top 3 Ways to Share Your Survey Online

Conducting a survey is a powerful way to gather insights, but finding willing participants can seem like a challenge. Luckily, there's a plethora of places where you can connect with free survey respondents, and it’s right at your fingertips!

In this guide, we've compiled a list of active survey exchanges, forums, and Facebook groups to simplify your search for eager participants.

1. Facebook Groups for Survey Sharing

Facebook groups are dynamic platforms for mutual survey exchanges. The premise is simple: you join your chosen groups, contribute to other members' surveys, and receive responses from other group members in return.

The following Facebook groups are active, vibrant communities where students and market researchers alike exchange surveys on a daily basis.

Getting started: After joining, actively participate in fellow members' surveys and comment on their survey post that you’ve done so. You can either include your own survey link in the same comment, or create a new post in the group discussion asking members to participate in your study.

2. Forums for Survey Exchange

Reddit provides an excellent platform for sharing surveys with diverse communities. While you're not obligated to reciprocate, it is good practice to do so. Explore the following subreddits:

  • r/SampleSize: A hub for both surveys and polls, catering to research studies and opinion polls.
  • r/takemysurvey: A dedicated space for posting and taking surveys.
  • r/Favors: An inclusive community focused on favors among Redditors.

Getting started: Simply post your survey in these subreddits and wait for participants to take it. Creating a captivating post will drive up engagement, which will increase your response rate. You can also be a good sport and answer the surveys of other participants.

3. SurveySwap

While Facebook Groups and Survey Forums can be very successful at getting you the responses you need, they come with limitations, such as uncertainty around reciprocation. Cue SurveySwap, our purpose-built platform that simplifies the process of obtaining free survey participants through reciprocal exchanges.

Key Features:

  • Diverse candidate pool consisting of mostly students and young professionals from the US, EU and UK
  • Perfect for simple samples and thesis projects in English, Dutch, and German
  • Completely free when you participate in other people’s surveys yourself
  • An intuitive free survey builder to create attractive, user-friendly surveys

Getting started: It’s as easy as signing up, posting your survey, and earning credits by taking the surveys of other SurveySwappers. These credits automatically turn into respondents for your own study. Yes, very nifty indeed.


Long gone are the days when finding survey respondents is a constant, uphill battle. By leveraging the resources highlighted in this guide, you can tap into a vast network of eager participants and ensure your survey’s success. Explore these platforms, engage with the communities, and watch as your survey responses soar.


  1. How does survey sharing work on Facebook groups? Members of survey-sharing Facebook groups mutually exchange surveys. In other words, you participate in surveys from other group members, and in return, they complete your survey. 
  2. Where can I find Facebook groups for survey sharing? 
    The following active Facebook groups cater to survey-sharing in different languages:
  3. How do survey exchanges on Reddit work? 
    In Reddit’s survey subreddits, you post your survey for free so that users can voluntarily fill it out. While returning the favor isn't mandatory, it is good practice. Having an interesting survey topic increases the likelihood of getting more responses.
  4. How do survey exchange platforms differ from online exchange groups and forums?
    Unlike online groups and forums, survey exchange platforms (like SurveySwap) ensure a more controlled environment, minimizing the risk of not receiving help in return.
  5. What precautions should I take when participating in survey exchanges on social media and forums? 
    Be mindful of sharing sensitive information and always consider the legitimacy of the surveys you engage with. Verify the reputation of the groups or forums to ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for survey participation.
  6. Can I trust the participants in survey exchanges to provide genuine responses? 
    While there are many honest and sincere survey takers out there, it's important to be wary of the occasional ingenuine respondent who won’t take your survey seriously. To avoid these risk-takers, make use of screening questions and other validation measures in your survey. Always choose reputable platforms or groups with visible peer-control and moderation or reporting features.
  7. Do I have to offer incentives for better survey responses in online exchange forums? 
    While offering incentives such as small rewards or entries into a prize draw can motivate participants to provide thoughtful responses, it's not mandatory. The effectiveness of incentives vary, so you’ll have to gauge the nature of your survey and audience to determine if offering rewards will positively impact your data collection process.

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