How to find survey respondents for any survey software

Want to collect survey respondents, and did you already use survey software to create your survey? Great! As long as you can edit the 'end-of-survey message', you can use SurveySwap to collect survey respondents, paid, or for free.

We have even included a work-around if you cannot edit the 'end-of-survey-message'.

First, follow these 4 steps, you will start receiving survey respondents in no time.
1. Add your survey to SurveySwap
2. Add an intro to your survey
3. Add completion code to the 'end-of-survey message'
4. Share the link to your survey on SurveySwap.

(1) Add your survey to SurveySwap

From your Dashboard click on the 'My surveys' tab then click on the 'Add new survey' button.

You will a list of survey tools. Choose what is applicable for you.

If your survey is not made in Qualtrics or Google Forms, then choose "Other".

Click 'My survey is ready'.

Then you will have to fill out some information about your survey. Click 'Next' when done.

Set the number of respondents you would like to receive and choose in which language you wrote your survey. You can add additional criteria to select who will be eligible to fill out your survey. However, do not use too many criteria, because it could slow down your survey results.

Note: it is important to select the correct language you wrote your survey in, because only people who can speak the language you wrote your survey in, are able to fill it out.

Click next when done.

(2) Add an intro to your survey

Follow the instructions on the Add Intro section. By adding an intro to your survey, SurveySwap users will quickly that they can get credits. This increase the speed of your results.

Click 'copy intro' and add it to the bottom of your survey's introduction in your survey builder.

Your survey builder should have a written introduction. If not, add new block with question type “Descriptive text”.

Then tick the checkbox that says 'I have added the text to my introduction' . Click 'Next.'

(3) Add completion code to the 'end-of-survey message'

Our platform works by giving you a unique code so we can track who completed your survey, called the 'completion code'.

Make sure this code will be only visible when people completed your survey, if that's not the case, your survey software might not store the data.

We would highly advise to test this by going to an incognito tab or using another device and taking your survey after you have placed the code.

Click 'copy code' button and it will automatically copy the survey code to your clipboard.

Once you paste the code, you can go back to SurveySwap and continue by clicking on the checkbox beside 'I have added the text + code to my end of survey message' and clicking 'Next'.

(4) The final step

Copy the link that opens the survey you built from another survey builder and add it into the 'survey link' box in SurveySwap to allow SurveySwap users to view and open the survey from within SurveySwap.

Congratulations! You successfully added your survey to SurveySwap. If you already have credits, you can publish the survey. If not, you may choose to earn credits or buy credits first.

Note: You can earn credits by taking others' surveys or inviting your friends to SurveySwap.

Cannot edit the thank you message in your survey builder?

In this case there are two things you could do:

(1) is to rewrite your survey using another software. We would advise Google Forms, or Microsoft Forms, which is free without limits. We don't have any affiliations with either software company.

(2)  is at your own risk:
This work-around require you to add an extra page with 1 final question/description to your survey, where you should paste the completion code.

Make sure it's clear to the people that will complete your survey that they have to copy the code first, then submit your survey, and then go to SurveySwap to redeem the completion code for credits.

Otherwise, you will either lose data, or your survey participants will report your survey which will block it.

An example message:

IMPORTANT!(1) First copy the completion code , (2) submit your results, (3) redeem the completion code in SurveySwap for the credits.
Thank you

Good luck with your research!