How to post a survey made with Qualtrics on SurveySwap?

Did you use Qualtrics as an external survey builder, and want to upload your survey to SurveySwap?

First, follow these 4 steps, and we will have you receiving respondents in no time.

Our platform works with survey codes. If you built your survey using Qualtrics, you need to make sure you paste your survey code at the end of your survey.

It is important to position the unique survey code AFTER the submit button, so you will receive your respondents once they click on 'submit', and your respondents will receive their credits, once they click on the survey code.

Follow these easy steps:

(1) Add your survey to SurveySwap

From your Dashboard click on the 'My surveys' tab then click on the 'Add new survey' button.

Choose Qualtrics. Click on 'My survey is ready' button.

Then you will have to fill out some information about your survey. Click 'Next' when done.

Set the number of respondents and the Language for the survey. Additionally, you can add filters, to choose people who are eligible to fill out your survey. However, do not use too many filters, because the more people who are able to fill out your survey, the more respondents you will receive.

Note: it is important to select the correct language you wrote your survey in, because only people who can speak the language you wrote your survey in, are able to fill it out.

Click next when done.

(2) Add an intro to your survey

Follow the instructions in the Add Intro section. By adding an intro to your survey, SurveySwap users will quickly see that they can get credits. This increases the speed of your results.

You will find the instructions for adding the survey code to the 'Custom End of Survey Message' in Qualtrics. Click 'copy code' button and it will automatically copy the survey code to your clipboard.

(2) Make sure you add the survey code to the survey you’ve made with Qualtrics.

Within Qualtrics, when you are editing your survey, you’ll find a ‘End of Survey’ bar underneath your last question.

On the right side of that bar you’ll see ‘Survey Termination Options’, once clicked on that button you’ll find a lot of options, just click on ‘Custom end of survey message…’, add ‘New Message’, here you can write a thank you message and paste your unique SurveySwap Survey Code that you got.

Once you paste your unique code, you can go back to SurveySwap and continue by clicking on the checkbox beside 'I have added the text + code to my end of survey message' and clicking 'Next'.

(3) Publish your survey.

Add your Qualtrics survey link into the box to allow SurveySwap users to view and open the Qualtrics survey from within SurveySwap.

If you already have credits, you can publish the survey. If not, you may choose to earn credits and then publish or buy credits.

Note: You can earn credits by taking others' surveys or inviting your friends to SurveySwap.

Congratulations! You have created your survey. From here, you can copy your SurveySwap link and send it to your friends or social media, or ‘get respondents’ by taking surveys of others!